37th Annual Mossberg Honors Symposium and Poster Sessions

We are excited to announce that the 37th Annual Mossberg Honors Symposium will be held on Wednesday, January 12 in the School of Pharmacy, Room 2020. The poster session will take place in the School of Pharmacy Atrium. Both the symposium and poster sessions will be from 8:30 a.m through 4:30 p.m.

Dr. Daniel Acosta Jr. will give the keynote address titled “My Career Journey.” His address will focus on the barriers and obstacles he encountered during his career as a professor and administrator, and perhaps provide some lessons for new academic, government, and industrial scientists. Dr. Acosta was Dean Emeritus, Winkle College of Pharmacy, The University of Cincinnati, former Deputy Director of the National Center for Toxicological Research, The Food and Drug Administration, and a KU Pharmacology & Toxicology department graduate. Dr. Acosta is the Inaugural Graduate Program Distinguished Alumnus.

Graduate students and post-docs in the School of Pharmacy will be presenting their research work in short presentations and poster sessions. Oral presentations by students in our graduate program will be given by Oliver L'Esperance titled Mapping Brain-Wide Synaptic and Cellular Activity Correlates of Visual Experience and Xin Zhang titled Targeting glycolytic metabolism to increase brain resilience against Alzheimer’s risk. The Poster Sessions will include posters by the following individuals: Aidyn Medina-Lopez titled Insight into early cell death, Kun Jia, Jing Tian, and Tienju Wang titled Synaptic mitochondrial dysfunction in aged humanized Ab expressing mouse model, Shuwen Yue and Yunwanbin Wang titled Insulin-like growth factor 1 decreases excitatory transmission via mGluR1-mediated glutamate receptor endocytosis in prefrontal cortex, Suraj Niraula, Julia Doderer, and Oliver L’Esperance titled In vivo Imaging of Dendritic Excitatory-inhibitory Synapse Imbalance in Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s Disease, and Yunwanbin Wang and Shuwen Yue titled Activation of prefrontal cortex to ventral tegmental area projection attenuates early social isolation stress-potentiated heroin seeking.